Posifocus Mantras

  1. My Beliefs Control My Actions
  2. Grateful People are Happy
  3. A Clear Mind Sees Clearly
  4. Community is Everything
  5. All Parents Are Perfectly Flawed
  6. Brotherhood is My Superpower
  7. Treat Everyone Like Your Best Friend
  8. Communication is the Key to Success
  9. Two Become One
  10. We’re Raising Adults, Not Tall Children
  11. We Learn by Doing
  12. Every Business is a People Business
  13. Healthy People Grow & Change
  14. Love Your Job, for Your Family’s Sake
  15. 96% of Small Businesses Fail
  16. God Is Love
  17. Nobody Knows for Sure
  18. Super Heroes are Real
  19. Love is Always the Answer
  20. Oh, Yeah?
  21. Don’t Balance Priorities. Set/Keep Priorities
  22. BeGrateful.GetOrganized.StayIn-Touch
  23. Godspeed

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